Visiting a Mbororo Nomadic Camp

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This little boy was bitten by a snake around his nomadic home.  They came in on our team day 30 two days after he had been bitten and his whole leg was swollen and he was barely hanging in there. He was scared to because it was some of the first white people he had seen. He got zapped with and electric zapper that neutralizes the snake venom, and it is wonderful to know that he is still alive today. He ended up with and major infection in his toe but it is healing through medical care given by Krista. They are an Mbororo family. We went out and visited his home. They ended up killing a goat for us so we had plenty of goat meat and cows milk. it was a fun day where I could practice some of my language from my childhood as they are Fulani as well and speak a dialect of Fulfulde.

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