My Neighbours

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The lady sitting in the entrance of her hut is Grandma. She is our neighbour . She makes sure we are all right and calls us her children. The other lady in the photo’s is her daughter who lives out in the bush. She came in for a visit. It is really nice to have grandma next door and she makes sure we are all-right. She often brings us over food, her hospitality is wonderful.

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Fatima, my new name

DSC_6085I am up the road at my language helpers house. It is this household that has given me my new name Fatima. It is a nice relaxing place to hang out. Both the lady in the picture and my language helper are great value. They are becoming good friends. My language helper is great at getting at what i am trying to learn as well as teaching me cultural things. I am very thankful to have met her, and everyone else who lives in that concession.

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My house

P1050025 P1050026 P1050027 P1050028

The first picture is looking down my street. The second one is our gate with our team ‘Chadilac” out the front.  The other two pictures are pictures of inside our concession. The house in the corner where you can see the windows is our kitchen. Then the long building is our three rooms. My room is on the end closest to the kitchen with the blue water barrel out the front. It is a great concession an we have wonderful neighbours.

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Beauty in Creation

Chad 128 Chad 130 Chad 195 Chad 187 Chad 182 Chad 184

Sometimes as a team we take the opportunity to head out of town a little bit for a picnic. It is a great opportunity to hang out as a team, enjoy food together, play some games and fellowship. It is amazing at the beauty of the sunset, and to remember the creator and his power.  The colours, artwork and detail are amazing.

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My hometown


This is a photo of my town.

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These are a few pictures of my home stay   They were a wonderful family who I often still drop in on and visit from time to time. It was a great week of leaning language and culture. I even got the chance to clean some goat intestines. It was a week full learning what is part of funerals and weddings here in my home.

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My New Home in Chad

My New Home in Chad

This is where I will be living in Chad. Looking forward to being there very soon.

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